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By cajennings23

Craftsmanship and Designs are exceptional !‎‎

I have had the pleasure working with Jean on several occasions. My first experience was 12 years ago, when Jean made an engagement ring and a diamond wedding band for me and my husband for our special day. May I say, I was so thrilled with my new pieces and the complements i received every-time someone noticed them, they were in awe! Jeans, designs and craftsmanship are to last a lifetime, they are timeless!! Upon some milestone events, Jean has made a diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings for me that I wear all the time, and again, constantly get compliments for the designs. I wear these beautiful pieces some everyday and others to special events that accent my clothing. Recently I was given my mother-in-laws beautiful pearls that she received 60 years ago, when she and my father-in- law where living in Japan. The Pearls were fragile, as you can imagine. Jean restored them. Jean designed a new necklace, earrings and a bracelet, all with new clasps, which are so elegant; I thought I was wearing The queens pearls. The ideas Jean had for the design of the pearls and the workmanship that went into restoring the pearls, was nothing but amazing, again these pieces are timeless once again! My husband was so in awe of what Jean had done with his mothers pearls, he called his dad immediately to let him know how beautiful they were, again! I have sent other customers to Jean as well to make a new purchase or to restore a precious piece and all have been so pleased with there jewelry items. Jean provides guidance and budgets accordingly, so all can have a beautiful, timeless piece of jewelry of there own........DESIGNED and MADE by Jean !!

By Sean

Customized Engagement Ring‎‎

Before setting out to buy an engagement ring, I spent hours upon hours researching diamonds, settings and of course retailers. I found Jean's pricing to be very fair, even when compared with online retailers, who can't compete on service. Jean's service was exceptional. What I appreciated the most was her flexibility and availability. Two customers, each buying separate engagement rings could have completely different experiences depending on their own preference. One could walk in one day and only come back to pick up the ring, while the other could be extremely involved in the whole process (as I was), from diamond selection, to customizing the setting, to mold approval, etc. For about 6 weeks, Jean saw me about 1 to 2 times per week (my preference) to go over diamonds, changes, and details. For example, the diamond I was looking for was not that common, so I went back a few times to see the new stones Jean brought in. Even when I had decided on a stone, Jean still went back to find more diamonds to compare it to, just so I was 100% sure. She also helped me design the setting from a few pictures I brought in and a couple ideas I had in my head. Her expertise helped me visualize how it would all come together. In the end, I was 100% satisfied. My advice to anyone shopping for jewelry, forget the research (because I already did it) and go see Jean.

By dqanderson

Personalized Service at its Best‎‎ Jean provides a level of service and attention not found anywhere else. I previously used a jeweler in NYC who I thought provided good service, quality and price. Then I went to Jean and discovered that she is in a completely different class. Not only has she provided me with multiple pieces of jewelry but she has helped repair poor workmanship from previous jewelers. She even refashioned some antique diamonds into beautiful earrings that two other jewelers had told me were too fragile to do anything with. I try to recommend Jean to as many people as possible before they make the mistake of going to a mall store. Jeans provides expert advice and her skilled workmanship is clearly evident in the beautiful pieces she produces. Jewelry buying has become an enjoyable experience (much to my wife's delight) and I will continue to use Jean for all future jewelry needs.

By Chris

Trusted - Valued Jeweler!!‎‎ Finding a trusted, creative and affordable jeweler is not an easy task. I was referred to Jean over 20 years ago and have never gone anywhere else when it came to a significant piece of jewelry for my wife, even now when we live in PA. Jean always works to make sure she designs a piece that is unique, stylish and within budget. We now live in the Philadelphia area, but travel back to MA to work with Jean and just celebrated 20 years of marriage with a re-designed ring setting from Jean.

By rondesot

Fantastic Jewelry Shop‎‎

I have been buying from Jean Boyadjian for about fifteen years. Over that time, I have purchased well over twenty items, and I have been happy with every one. Her prices are always fair. Even on the occasions when I spent a large amount, I knew that I had gotten a very good deal. Over the years, I have purchased some very high quality pieces from her. One item that particularly stands out is a purple sapphire and diamond necklace that I bought for my wife. Jean designed and built the item in a classic style. It is beautiful. With its large central stone, it looks like something you would find in a museum. My wife always gets compliments whenever she wears it. It was a pricier piece, but I definitely would have paid more anywhere else. On the other hand, Jean has made some simple items for me. I wear a white gold band with a single small gray star sapphire as a wedding ring. I paid very little for the piece, but Jean still took the time to design something that looks great.

By cgauth2

My husband and I have been traveling across Massachusetts to buy jewelry from Jean Boyadjian for over 10 years. She reset my diamond into a lovely new wedding ring several years ago. I get comments on it all the time. We particularly love colored stones and Jean always has a large and unique selection of fancy(colored) sapphires, zircons and other beautiful and hard to find stones. She is easy to work with and creative. Her settings are of very good quality. We have always been pleased with the items she has designed specifically for us as well as those we have purchased from her showcase. Go see her, you won't be disappointed!

By Christopher

Honest and helpful (and a great jeweler)‎‎

I have used Jean for the last 10 years for various items - wedding rings, necklaces, earnings, etc. She has a gift for choosing/suggesting just the right item...she has a great read on my wife (which is extremely helpful for me). She is honest about pricing and always suggests better 'value' purchases based on my budget and desires. I have recommended her to my brother and several co-workers, she is tip top.

By lialundgren

Jean Boyadjian Jeweler is GREAT!!!‎‎

Many times I have a piece of jewelry I've owned for years that has a decent stone but the setting is dated or boring. Bring that piece into Jean and she will work with you to create a new piece that you will fall in love with all over again. I have also bought a piece I loved but wasn't crazy about the centerpiece stone(s) and she has re-created the exact piece but with precious stones that are amazing. On other occasions I have bought something out of her showcase that Jean designed herself. In all three of these situations I LOVE my jewelry that Jean has touched! Go see her when you are in Boston, you won't be sorry!! Plus she's beautiful and has a great personality!

By Scott

Great Jeweler‎‎

I went to Jean for both my wife's engagement and wedding bands. We also got my wedding band through Jean. Jean was terrific, very thorough and really designed the rings exactly how my wife and I explained. I plan to use Jean for all my future jewelry purchases. For all the options inside the jeweler's building, Jean is the best option!

By melissa

Wonderful experience!‎‎

I used to approach buying jewelry with the same dread as buying a new car -- yuck! But, my experience with Jean was totally different -- she is creative and easy-to-work with and makes *gorgeous* jewelry. I went into her shop wanting to buy stock wedding rings and ended up having her design rings that are unique and beautiful. Never once did I feel pressured or intimidated -- in fact, she suggested some great cost-cutting options. Her jewelry is amazing and she is a joy to work with!

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